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Soon I will see you again and hold you in my arms. Soon we can be together for a long time.
Going to Brazil is one of the best things I have done. The first time I saw you at Confins airport I fell in love. And the more time we spent together I felt it stronger and stronger.
You took the best care of me and I felt like I had known you forever. Going to Serra do Cipo and Rio was lovely. We had a great time together and did so many funny things and saw a lot of interesting places.
Leaving you is one of the hardest and most sad things I have done. But now I am at Arlanda and waiting for my gate to open. Tomorrow we will meet again. Thank you for wait for me at the airport and take care of me one more time. Thank you for everything, amor.

Te amo infinito meu anjo.


Postat av: Johan "Pelle" Sjöblom


Glad för din skull, men kommer kännas tomt utan dig!

Hare bra :)

2009-12-02 @ 19:12:54
Postat av: Joseane

Hello min älskling!

Im so glad you are with me now!

We will have a very good time,Im sure!!!:)

I always feel good when Im with you,it is magic...

Love you more and more everyday.

Pussar min sötnos

2009-12-04 @ 19:03:10
Postat av: Elinor

Jag blir ju avundsjuk nu xD <3

Postat av: Michaela

Så vackert! Jag är jätteglad att du är ute på äventyr Johan. Du finner kärlek och spänning i ditt liv! Lev och njut!!

2010-01-06 @ 16:30:02
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